Integrated Wildlife Management was established in 2010, but the owners have the combined experience of more than 40 years in the industry, which include high levels of education and hands-on work. One of them, Joe Zets, even spent 5 weeks in Vietnam doing research and conservational studies. Both owners are highly passionate and knowledgeable in their field and have completed 1000s of jobs successfully. Furthermore, we believe the reputation and the results Integrated Wildlife Management deliver make us the best choice in the area for commercial wildlife management.

We offer the highest-quality work and you can always rely on us for commercial:

  • Wildlife removal
  • Animal waste pick up
  • Pigeon and bird control
  • Beaver and muskrat control
  • Bat exclusion
  • Bat removal
  • And much more
If your business or industrial building is located within a 150-mile radius from Raleigh, NC, including Carey, Durham, Wake Forest, and Chapel Hill, and you require effective wildlife control, think of us first.

Not only do we offer the very best and most humane wildlife services, our pricing structure is highly competitive as well.

We are fully licensed and insured, quick to respond and educate our clients on each service we provide. Call 919-618-0658 today to work out a solution to your wildlife problems.