Remove Roosting Bats From Your Property

Leave the bat removal to us in Mebane, NC

If bats have flown into your building, don't panic. Just call Integrated Wildlife Management for bat removal. We can be at your property right away to deal with the bats.

Once we've removed the bats from the premises, we can clean out the affected area and seal it off to prevent further problems. We install bat valves and other preventive measures to stop bats from entering your building.

Call now to let us know you need a bat removal in Mebane, NC.

Prevent bats from terrorizing your property

Unlike actual vampires, bats don't need any invitation to enter your home or business. If you're trying to get rid of bats, get in touch with us. We can take care of bat exclusion swiftly and effectively. We can set up bat exclusion barriers to stop the bats from getting back inside your building.

How Do We Remove Roosting Bats from Your Property?

Every bat exclusion job will have 3 steps: removal, exclusion, cleanup & remediation. We do a full inspection of your property to locate the colony of bats, we then remove the bats, exclude and seal up bat entry points, and cleanup & sanitize.

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